Get the freedom and independence you crave for Christmas

Do you have a goal to be able to drive but a disability or injury or medical issue is impacting on driving function? We are offering a Christmas bonus where will get you on the right road to independence.

This is only available for the first 10 bookings

CHRISTMAS is coming and so are the Holidays! 

Welcome to the end of the year. A time for switching off and relaxing and enjoying the goodies that come with Christmas and the New Year! We hope you will all have a safe and happy time ahead. 

  The New Year means a fresh start for Williams OT - We are moving into new premises and will be opening our new doors on January the 7th at 4 Deacon Avenue Richmond. We are moving onsite with Willshire Mobility a new leader in vehicle modifications. We are upping the ante to be the most comprehensive service for people with a disability who want freedom and independence through driving. 

The New Year means a fresh start for our clients too - which means that it is the perfect time to start New Year’s Resolutions. The holiday period may also be the time that you are more available to check in for an appointment.  

If you wait until after Christmas to ring us and make an appointment you might be disappointed. We only have a certain amount of availability. Whether you want to start your driving journey or have a review or look at some new modifications, now is the time to get in contact with us to book into the Christmas / January Holiday period!  

If you click on the "Book a Time Here" buttons on this page prior to Christmas, and you are one of the first ten people to click, as a new valued patient of Williams OT, we would like to help you to get the year off to a great start by offering you the following:  


An initial comprehensive subjective and objective pre-drive exam to assess the underlying causes of the disability and impact that is likely to have on driving based on detailed occupational therapy tests, plus a personalised written plan on how to take the next steps (Value $450)  

Plus Two

You will get a behind the scenes personal tour of the new premises at Deacon Ave when you come for your assessment (Value $45)

Plus Three

A Christmas present delivered in the post for you to take advantage of straight away. (Value $30)

Hey There!

Im Brad, Director of Williams OT. 

Just for the lead up to Christmas, you get all of this for no out of pocket expense if you have comprehensive private health insurance (which includes occupational therapy) or you have an active NDIS plan with a budget for “Improved Daily Living”. If you don’t have insurance to cover the costs, Book before Christmas and we will still give you the tour and Christmas pressie, just pay for the assessment.  

Who said Christmas only comes on the 25th of December? 

In order for you to experience the freedom that comes from driving and to make sure you get the right education and modifications (if required), Williams OT Occupational Therapists trained in driving with a disability can play a key role.

 Remember, this is only open to the first ten bookings, so click the "Make a Booking Here" button below to claim your offer NOW.  

Yours in health, Brad Williams Director, Williams OT  

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